Commission Junction is the primary affiliate network that Partner Fusion’s clients use.  The following is a beginning tutorial on getting signed up on Commission Junction, getting links and an overview of CJ reporting.


How do I get signed up.

Go to  Click on “Get Started”, then click on the “Publisher”.  It will walk you through getting signed up to become a member of Commission Junction.  Once you have signed up on CJ, you can apply for our programs.  Click on “Get Links” and enter which program you want to sign up for in the search box.  Find the program you want to promote and look over terms and click on “Apply To Program” at the bottom.

Or you can go directly to each one of our client’s sign up page here:

Blue Man Group:


Home Exchange:

It may take a few business days before you get an email informing you of whether you are approved or not.


How Do I get links?

Log in to Commission Junction and arrive at your CJ dashboard.    At the bottom there is a drop down menu titled “My Advertisers”.  Select your program and click “Go!”.  On the right hand size, you can either click on “Banners” or “Text Link”.  Find the banner or text link you want and click on “Get JavaScript” or “Get HTML”.  Copy and paste the code on your site.  You need this code in order for you to get paid commissions from the affiliate program.

If you want to change the text on the text link, you can change it in the code before the </a>.  This must be done before you copy it.


What is the billing cycle and when can I expect to be paid?

Commission Junction sends out checks on the 20th of each month.  The payment is for sales generated the prior month.  When a sale is generated, the commission is in the “NEW” status.  Commissions are reviewed by the Merchant on the 10th of each month.  From the 10th, to the 20th, CJ will review the commissions to ensure quality.  On the 20th, commissions go into the “Lock” status, which signifies that the publisher will get paid.  Once a commission has been paid, the status will become “Close”.


Where can I view my commissions?

Log into  On the top toolbar, click on “Run Reports”.  Here you can see an overview of pending commissions and current balances.  Click on “Report Options”, and in the top drop down menu, you can see Commission Detail or Commission Summary.  Commission Summary will display by merchant how much commission you will be paid on the next check.  It also displays the status of that commission.  Commission Detail will show each transaction with in the date range, the commission earned, the website generating the click and which ad was clicked on.

From the drop down menu, you can also select Transaction Summary or Transaction Detail.  Transaction Summary will show the commissions paid or being paid to you within the billing cycle.  Any fees will also be listed.  Transaction Detail gives the same information as the Transaction Summary, but also shows you the type of transaction (Sale, Return, Fee), the date and the ID associated with it.  Here you can see any credits or debits to your account.