What does it cost to become an affiliate for a Partner Fusion client?

Nothing.  And there is no contract, you can cancel at any time


How do I apply?

You must first be a member of Commission Junction.  If not a member of Commission Junction, you can get signed up here:  www.cj.com.   If you are unsure about how to get links or posting, please go to our page CJ 101.


How do I get approved to become an affiliate?

When you apply, we manually review your application.  We take a look at your profile, starting with  your Promotional Methods (Partner Fusion, Inc reserves the right to deactivate your account and reverse commission, if you are found to violate our Promotional Method Policies after you have been approved):

  •  Web site/ Content:  This is the preferred method for promoting our clients.  We will look at your website and see if your sites targets our clients potential customers.   You must have a live site for us to review.  If the link does not work or the site is under construction, you will be denied.  CityPASS is not able to work with loyalty or cash back affiliates.  If you are denied, and feel that you would be a good fit, or planning to promote another site, feel free to contact us.
  • Email Marketing:  If this is your only promotional method, you will be denied.  If you are using your own opt in email list to reach your customers, as long as you are following CAN-SPAM laws, this is allowed.  We actively monitor affiliates to ensure they are following the CAN-SPAM guidelines.
  • Search Engine Monitoring:  All of our clients have restricted SEM policies in place and we actively are monitoring affiliates to ensure they are following these guidelines.  When you are applying, make sure your business model fits within these guidelines.
  • Software:  At this time we do not allow affiliates that use of software, adware, loyaltyware, toolbars or browser plug-ins.  If you list “Software” as a promotional method you will be denied.  We are trying to support affiliates and we find that often affiliates who use these tools are trying to steal commissions from the last referring affiliate.  If you feel that you have a tool that will not overwrite another affiliates cookie, please contact us and we can review it.


I applied for one of your programs, but was denied.  How come?

There are certain criteria that our clients are looking for in an affiliate.  When screening your application there are a few things that we look for.  1.  We look at your Promotional Methods.  We are looking for affiliates whose primary means of promoting is through their website.  If you are only Search or Email Marketing, you will be denied.  Also we frown upon the use of software.  2.  We look at your website.  We are mainly interested in affiliates who publish content that is somewhat relevant to the program you are applying to.  So If you are applying for CityPASS and your site is a coupon site for computer hardware, you will probably be denied.  Also having a well laid out site with original content and not the default text that came with the template.  3. And finally, having a working URL.  If the page does not load or has “Under Construction”, the application will be denied.


How quick can I get started?

You can fill out the application immediately and wait for approval.  Since all applications are reviewed manually, please wait 1 to 3 business days to hear back.  You will be notified whether you have been approved or notified through CJ.  If you were declined and you feel that you would be a good fit, please email us for a second review and why you think you should be approved.


I got approved, how do put your links on my site.

If you are unfamiliar with Commission Junction, go to our page CJ 101.


When do get paid?

Through Commission Junction checks go out on the twentieth of each month.


How do I get the bonuses?

Check each program for the different tiers in performance incentives.  The sales goals are based on a calendar month.   Your commission rate is automatically increased once you have reached the corresponding sales goal.  Note:  Commissions for CityPASS are paid two months (on the 20th) after you have earned them.


My sales were over the tiers to get the increased commission rate, but I did not get the bonus on the check?

Bonuses are paid the following month after you hit necessary sales tiers.  So for example you sell $3200 worth of CityPASS tickets in September, your bonus will not be paid until November 20th.


I am not making any sales, how come?

Affiliate Marketing is a not a get rich scheme.  Just because you built a website with a catchy name and put links on it does not automatically generate an income that you can quit your day job.  Your affiliate income depends on many factors.   The fundamentals of affiliate marketing are:  get people to your website, have them click on a merchant links and arrive at the merchants website ready to make a purchase.  There are many different ways to accomplish this.  The internet is loaded with many useful tools and help, some are free and some you have to pay for.  Warning, the guy trying to sell his book or subscription with a title, “You Can Make Millions Sitting at Your Computer Eating Cheetos!” is ripping you off.  When we say tools that you have to pay for, we mean legitimate affiliate tools from reputable companies.  Do your research.  We will try to post helpful links to different tools and advice in our Affiliate Resourses section.