Super Affiliate Marketing, powered by the brain trust at Partner Fusion, is a website dedicated helping affiliates reach their maximum potential.  People come into affiliate marketing with varying degrees of knowledge, skills and goals they want to achieve with affiliate marketing.   We have noticed a high amount of affiliate marketers out there who obviously new to the affiliate space.  Whether they were drawn into it by big flashy banners and sites advertising untold riches while sitting at your computer for a couple of hours a day, or want to cash in your blog, people are under the illusion that all they have to do is buy or build a website, post some banners on it and sit back and watch the money flow in.  This could be further from the truth.  Online marketing, while a exponentially growing and evolving industry, is still a highly competitve field, filled with marketers who spend hours a day finding ways to draw viewers to their sites and then to get those viewers on to the retail stores ready to buy merchandise.  The goal is to get your website to stand out amid a sea of competitors jockeying to get a web surfer’s attention.  In addition you are also competing against the retailers themselves.  To generate traffic, there are many avenues one can choose, content marketing, pay per click, email marketing, too name just a few, that are employed by online marketers.  Our goal is to help educate and enlighten both new and old affiliate marketers.

Along with educating affiliates, Super Affiliate Marketing is also a source for information for our affiliate programs we manage.  Check back often for news, promotions and contests concerning our great partners we have teamed up with.

Whether you are new to affiliate marketing and looking for some supplemental income or a seasoned professional bringing in a steady income to live off of, our goal is that this website can be a useful resource as you navigate the e-commerce world.

Partner Fusion, Inc is a full service performance affiliate management agency who focuses on relationships and communication with our partners, including Blue Man Group, CityPASS and Home Exchange.  We work closely with our clients too help them start or grow their affiliate programs by connecting them with our manually selected affiliates.  We are always looking at new and emerging technologies in the internet space and how we can utilize them with our partners maximize their marketing dollar.  Rest assured, no matter the size of your affiliate business, you won’t feel like just another drop in the ocean. You’ll get Partner Fusion’s undivided attention.